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We are a Software House specializing in the development and implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence algorithms. Our mission is to create technologies that benefit people by eliminating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, as well as helping companies optimize the use of their data and processes.

What DO WE DO?

Solutions for your business using AI algorithms

Let’s usher your company into the era of artificial intelligence if you’re facing the following challenges:

AI workshops

If you want to discuss your idea or are looking for inspiration, we invite you to talk. The first hour of consultation is free.

AI algorithms

We create tailor-made AI algorithms.

AI audit

We will check the processes in your company and advise on how to best use the potential of AI.

AI training

We will tell you what Machine Learning and AI are and what opportunities they offer in your industry.


AI solutions tailored to your industry

Each industry has its own specific challenges. The entry threshold for using AI solutions varies, as does the benefits that can be obtained. However, we believe that almost every industry will be revolutionized by artificial intelligence.


Manufacturing companies that have IT infrastructure and employ at least: 50 employees

Document processing

Legal, tax, marketing and other document processing industries will benefit from AI systems that filter content, organize information or automatically create documents.


If you have min. 1,000 customers per month, it is worth using solutions that provide personalized content, adjust products and, as a result, increase your sales.


We help start-ups that are looking for expert support in building AI components.


Unlock the potential of AI: Become a leader in digital innovation

If you know how AI benefits you, you’re already ahead of the game. The next step is to use AI in your company.

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